One Bistro’s Chef

Chef Tyler Clegg

A rising young star in Greater Boston’s culinary scene, Chef Tyler Clegg got his start the way many of the best and most creative chefs do: cooking with his mother in their family’s home.  But what first drew Chef Tyler into the kitchen wasn’t a love of all food; he was a picky eater who watched his mother so he knew what was going into each dish.  onebistro-0088

But vigilance soon gave way to curiosity, and then to passion for not only making great dishes, but experimenting with them as well.  An uncle also inspired Chef Tyler to push himself in the kitchen, which ultimately drove him to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu, where he earned his culinary arts degree.

Like every chef, Tyler’s professional career began humbly. But he respected the process and took in everything he could about cooking as part of a team in a chaotic and stressful environment. He gained experience across the spectrum of restaurant types, including fine dining, upscale casual and family-owned and operated.  With success and professional growth at each stop along the way, Chef Tyler joined the kitchen here at One Bistro in 2011.  He was promoted to chef in 2016.

Working in One Bistro’s “show kitchen” gives Chef Tyler a personal connection with guests. It is those moments when Chef looks out into the dining room to see faces light up as his dishes hit the table and guests take that first bite, that Chef Tyler fulfills the professional hunger that drives him.

Chef Tyler Clegg and his team at One Bistro stand out as relevant and fresh on a competitive, crowded and ever-evolving restaurant landscape.


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