Our Team

Chef de Cuisine Bin Wei Zhang

As the son of restauranteurs, One Bistro’s Chef de Cuisine Bin Wei Zhang has always appreciated good food and the experience that comes with it. He’s been around professional kitchens all his life and fully understood as a child the important way good food brings family and friends together to enhance the human experience

But it wasn’t until he took a culinary course in high school that Chef Zhang truly fell in love with cooking. That newfound love led him to Rhode Island’s famed Johnson & Wales University, where he earned his degree and began to make a name for himself. One of his most impactful collegiate internships was at a Spanish/Asian themed restaurant his father had recently opened in Puerto Rico that quickly became a favorite among both locals and tourists.

Upon graduating, Chef Zhang kicked off his career at Tavolino in Foxboro, Mass., where he worked hard for the opportunity to learn the many roles in a professional kitchen. Seeking to expand his culinary range, he joined One Bistro in 2016, and was quickly appreciated for his team-first approach and natural leadership qualities. He was promoted to sous chef early in 2020, and quickly became an instrumental force in leading One Bistro’s pivot to service during the COVID-19 pandemic and its quickly evolving protocols.

Crediting his father as his first great mentor, Chef has come to appreciate the powerful influence Asian cuisine has on his view of what makes a perfect dish. Whether a recipe is sweet, tangy, spicy or savory, Chef Zhang seeks to put a big punch in everything he serves his guests at One Bistro.

When not in the kitchen, Chef loves playing basketball. In fact, he knows no better way to unwind after a long shift than by working up a good sweat on the basketball court, which he does two or three evenings a week.

Pastry Chef Katie Catalano

Growing up in the small town of Orange, Connecticut, Katie Catalano always loved being in her mother’s kitchen. At the side of this “amazing cook” is where Katie’s passion for food first surfaced, and where she began what has become a lifelong culinary journey. It wasn’t long before young Katie was making the desserts that capped off her mother’s dinner parties.

Despite loving all she was learning and accomplishing in the kitchen, Katie had only ever thought of following her mother’s path into nursing. That is, until a high school teacher asked if she was planning to pursue a career in the culinary field. That simple question altered Katie’s thinking about food and her plans for her future, which took Katie to the prestigious Johnson & Wales University, where she doubled-majored in Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management.

Katie’s college summers were spent working, learning and experimenting with recipes at an Italian bakery near her childhood home in Connecticut famous for its cannoli offering. She decorated cakes, managed the counter staff, made special deliveries, and generally learned the ropes of a retail baking operation.

The attraction of life for a young professional in a thriving city led to Chef Katie staying in Providence after graduation. She began working at Pastry Art, a wholesale pastry company in Walpole, Mass. that made high volumes of pastries for hotels, banquets, restaurants, and catering facilities. Orders for up to 1,000 pieces at a time quickly taught her to value efficiency, organization, and especially teamwork.

Chef Katie’s time at Pastry Art sharpened her skills and honed her technique. Having caught the eye of the culinary team at One Bistro/Four Points by Sheraton Norwood in 2016, she was offered the pastry chef position and the rest is history – a history she continues to write and enhance each and every day.

Chef Katie is driven by the creative freedom her position brings; where she is able to hone her skills making what she loves, while also getting to see her creations loved by clients and their guests. One of her favorite aspects of her position is working closely with Chef Paul to conceive and create seasonal and special desserts for One Bistro.